Survival Frog and Fish Gig

Survival Frog and Fish Gig

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The SFFG (pronounced Suff'ff-Gah... just kidding) The Survival Gig is made from fully heat treated and tempered stainless AEB-L steel. It is tough, stainless, weighs about 1.5 oz and is sized to fit in a pocket so it'll be ready to use when you need it.

Hafting the gig is super simple and takes only a minute or two with just a length of paracord. Or it can be attached with screws through the 4 eyelets. Ether way it quick and easy to secure the Gig to a suitable limb or pole.

It is somewhat patterned after an Inuit Leister Spear. The oversized barbs and central tine work by capturing and holding a large chunk of meat. Though the gig is intended for frogs and small fish it will hold onto surprisingly large quarry. I tested a prototype successfully on some carp last spring.


From frogs to fish this little Survival Gig will do the job while taking up almost no space or weight in your kit.